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We at AL-DANA are considered to be leaders in providing electronic security solutions for both corporate and government markets through our partners who are represented by a portfolio of world-leading brands (please refer to OUR PARTNERS IN SUCCESS section for more details).


As we understand your business needs and demands, our well experienced design engineers will create a custom-fit solution for your individual needs sourcing products from many manufacturers, installing and serving variety systems.


AL-DANA is not only your supplier of integrated technologies, but also your partner in security solutions. We will guide you in choosing your best choice from our array of business security solutions that will save you time and money. Whether your organization is big or small, our security solutions are affordable quality solutions.For enquiries please contact us at: security@aldana-int.com

Our spectrum of offerings includes, but is not limited to:


  • High resolution security cameras both inside and outside (long ranges available)

  • Weapons and Bullets- Different types

  • Night/ Day vision binoculars.

  • X-Ray security systems.

  • GSM or Radio equipped intruder detectors

  • Drug test tapes & kits and other poison analysis devices.

  • Crime Scene Reconstruction Systems

  • Flashback Digital Video Recorder (DVR) Systems

  • Radar security systems

  • Ultra Violet Forensic Systems

  • Simulation systems

  • Training systems

  • And much more…etc...

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